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Artist Interviews

Interview with You!

If you'd like to be interviewed, please send an email to Tamara Hergert at 

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Interview with JoAnne Coughlin Walsh

In her interview, JoAnne shares with us about her experience with art shows, fairs and galleries.


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Interview with Arohika,

In her interview, Arohika shares her experience on Pinterest and Facebook business page.

We also talk about our comfort zones when it comes to sharing online.

Listen to this lovely interview on our Podcast!

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Interview with Arthur Haywood

In his interview, Arthur shares what helped him receive a scholarship to create a series of murals in Paris. We also talk about ways to transfer an image onto a larger surface. 

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Interview with Jennifer Orkin Lewis

In her interview, Jennifer shares her approach to licensing contracts when licensing her work. We also talk about her social media strategy on Instagram.

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Interview with Augustina Droze

In her interview, Augustina Droze shares advice to her younger self and recommends a great book on how to break into the field of public art commissions.

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