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Visual Artists of all levels of experience and education are encouraged to join the Empowered Artists Community. A passion for transforming your Art practice into your vision of financial success is the number one criterion. 

You must be 18 or older to join.

Annual membership fee is $350 (plus applicable taxes).

All currently available Masterclasses are included in your Membership.


The cost per Masterclass for non-members is $149.

How to join:



Join to become a member


The cost is 350/year

(plus applicable taxes)


Download the app

The Empowered Artists Community is run on the Mighty Networks platform.


To use on your phone or tablet, download the Mighty Networks app.



Sign in

Sign into the Empowered Artists Community on the Mighty Networks platform.

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Watch this 3 min Tour of the Community:

What you get as a Member:


Best Practices

Empowering Best Practice article/video


Artists' Insight

Insightful interviews with Artists article/video


Weekly Live Q&A

Ask the Community Founder questions that you can't find answers to anywhere else.


Connect with your Tribe

Chat and connect with other Artists, and see who is local to you in this friendly community of Artists.


Access to Masterclasses

Supercharge your success with amazingly effective 

Masterclasses that will help you create new streams of revenue for your Art practice.


Focused space

Achieve your best results faster in a focused space inside a sleek & intuitive app where the Community is run.

Join hundreds of smart people.

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