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How is this different?

Empowered Artists is an online community for Artists that's run inside a sleek app where members have access to effective Masterclasses, Best practices, Insightful interviews, and live Q&A's. Read our Blog and tune into our Podcast to get the best Art business tips! Our mission is to empower visual Artists of all levels of education and experience to bring their visions of success to life!

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Who are you?

I am Tamara Hergert, the driving force behind this amazing community! I have brought to life my own vision of creative and financial success for my art practice, and I can help you get there too!​​​ Will you join me on this worthy mission?

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I am the force.


What others are saying!

Read for yourself:

Five stars out of five stars rating
"Exactly what I needed, very straight forward and helpful. The agreement templates and checklist are priceless! Thanks again Tamara!"

Jon W. about "Working on Commissions" Masterclass

Five stars out of five stars rating
"I feel ready to take on commissioned projects now! I think I have been subconsiously pushing them away because I didn't know what to say, how much to charge or how to create an agreement. Now I have all the tools! I'm super excited!"

Alisha B. about "Working on Commissioned Projects" Masterclass

Five stars out of five stars rating
"Yes! The masterclass was helpful! Looking forward to setting up and getting commissions. I am also considering taking the second class."

Anastasia R. about "Getting Commissioned Projects" masterclass

Five stars out of five stars rating
"This is SO helpful! I've been wondering how to break into commissions for a while now. Thanks Tamara, this is truly awesome!" 

Dylan L. about "Getting Commissioned Projects" masterclass

What I know for sure:

When you create your perfect vision of what you want and fix your attention on it by taking small steps towards it - it is yours for the taking!

Here's what else I know - about you:

You are doing better than you think you are.

You have accomplished more than you give yourself credit for.

You want to do what you love and shine your light into the world.

You want to figure out your revenue streams.

You want to realize your true potential and leave a meaning legacy.

Did I get it right?

There is one thing you should do right now - define what it is that you want with this checklist:

Step 1. Define what You want:

Checklist to help you define your vision of success for your art practice

What is Step 2?

Take advantage of every opportunity that gets you closer to your vision.

Join or take the Masterclasses when you are ready!

Get access to all the Masterclasses, Best practices, Interviews and Live Q&A's!

What's in it for me?


Focus = Fast results

Empowered Artists creates a focused space online to empower you to achieve your best financial results in the fastest way possible.


Best strategies = Best results

The best Art business strategies.

These are quick shortcuts to help you get to your goals faster.


Insightful = Helpful

Insightful Live Q&A session with the community founder every week. Ask questions and get answers.


Artists interviews = Inspiring

Interviews with successful Artists. Learn about their paths, strategies, and advice.


Easy to participate = Peaceful

Participation is easy, no posting is necessary, engage as much or as little as you want.


Easy to use = Convenient

Convenient to use on any device. Mobile, tablet and desktop friendly.

Official Bio

Tamara Hergert is the founder of the Empowered Artists Community and the author of the Artist's Success Mindset. She is an award-winning Artist who has helped numerous clients bring their creative ideas to life in shape of amazing Murals, lovely Illustrations, gorgeous Custom paintings, and successful Events. Her works have been featured on TV and in galleries. Learn more here

TAMARA HERGERT Empowered Artists Community Creator
Artist’s success mindset  book cover

Get a sample of this book via email:

Get this book!

In this uplifting book, I share my 11 success mindset secrets.


  • Length: 21 pages

  • Format: PDF


The e-book is in pdf format and you will receive it via email after the purchase.

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