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Instagram content ideas for Artists - How to get more followers on instagram

Instagram content ideas for artists - How to get more followers on instagram

Here is a list of instagram content ideas for artists to inspire your growth on instagram:

  1. Your creative space (desk, easel in the corner of the room, kitchen table, etc.)

  2. You in your creative space

  3. Your hands during the art process

  4. You in process of creating art

  5. Your tools

  6. Your paints

  7. You blank canvas

  8. Your thoughts

  9. Your favorite quotes

  10. Your work-in-progress art

  11. Your finished artwork laying flat

  12. Your artwork on an easel

  13. You holding your finished artwork to show scale

  14. Your art on a wall in a space a matching decor (you can overlay your artwork image on a stock decor photo).

  15. Virtual gallery show in a virtual gallery space

  16. You in the art gallery / museum / store / fair next to your art or someone else’s art.

  17. Announcements (new work, seasonal promos, discounts, give-aways, art shows, art interviews, features in the media, etc.)

  18. Questions to the audience (polls or open ended)

  19. You holding a mug with coffee / tea

  20. You petting your pet

  21. You hanging out with a friend

  22. You can also share someone else’s content to your page (make sure it flows visually with your content look and feel).

These are just a few ideas for your instagram content so you can keep building your Instagram presence and following.

I hope this helps you grow your instagram following!

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