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Empowering visual Artists to bring their visions of success to life!

What is this place?

The Empowered Artists Community is your place to learn how to bring your vision of success to life!

It’s a paid online community for Artists that is run inside a sleek app where members have access to weekly best practices, insightful interviews, live Q&A meetings and a friendly community of Artists.


Once a member, inside the community you can sign up for amazingly effective Masterclasses that explain how to create consistent revenue streams in your Art practice / business.

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"Yes! The masterclass was helpful!
Looking forward to setting up and getting commissions. I am also considering taking the second class."

Anastasia R. about the "Getting Commissioned Projects" masterclass

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Best Practices

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Interviews with Artists

Interview with Arthur Haywood

In his interview, Arthur shares what helped him receive a scholarship to create a series of murals in Paris. We also talk about ways to transfer an image onto a larger surface. 

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Interview with Jennifer Orkin Lewis

In her interview, Jennifer shares her approach to licensing contracts when licensing her work. We also talk about her social media strategy on Instagram.

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Interview with Augustina Droze

In her interview, Augustina Droze shares advice to her younger self and recommends a great book on how to break into the field of public art commissions.

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Getting Commissioned Projects Masterclass

Learn how to position yourself online to have a continuous stream of clients and projects. You will walk away knowing exactly what you need to do to create a consistent revenue stream from commissioned projects.

1 hr long, costs $149.99

On-demand Masterclass is Available Now.

Live Masterclasses will be announced, so sign up to receive emails.

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Working on Commissioned Projects Masterclass

Learn how to price your artworks and commissioned projects (with examples), mindset framework, communication tips for successful work with clients (with examples), and contract writing (with a Project Agreement template).

1 hr long, costs $149.99

Live Masterclass is on Dec 17, 2022 at 1 pm (Pacific Time).

On-demand masterclass will become available at the end of Dec 2022

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Licensing your Art Masterclass

Learn all you need to know about licensing your art, copyright, and selling licenses to your work. Learn about different platforms to sell licenses to your art. Walk through different agreements (with examples and agreement templates).

1 hr long, costs $149.99

Live Masterclass is on Mar 25, 2023 at 1 pm (Pacific Time).

On-demand masterclass will become available at the end of Mar 2023.

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Weekly Q&A

Weekly Q&A with the Community Founder

Every week, Live Q&A session with the community founder, Tamara Hergert.

FREE to the Community Members

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